Zentrum Leue

The architectural ensemble includes a business and shopping centre, a church hall and the community centre, all located around ‘Männerdorf’s’ new village square. The reduced, industrial architecture of the community hall building inspired an iconographic, identity-marking.  
The labelling, in aluminium lettering, was attached behind the metal structure and thus become a key component of the architecture. Incidental daytime light makes the inscriptions gleam. In the glow of the lighted hall in the evening, it appears to be backlit.

Agency: WBG AG, Zürich

Art Direction/Project Management: Thomas Lehmann

Client: Helvetia Versicherungen, Gemeinde Männedorf

Architecture: Stücheli Architekten, SAM Architekten und Partner

Scope: Exterior/Interior Signage, Building letterings, Neon signs concept

Year: 2009