Schule Pünten

In the rural agglomeration of Stallikon, a new school, ‘Pünten’, has been erected. It includes both a kindergarten and a primary school. The building is characterised by the use of wood as the construction material, as well as the façade and the surface of the ceilings. Access to the school grounds is from the south. The building itself has three consecutive, and equally important, entrances and the entire ground floor is open-plan.
LDSGN reinterpreted the classic schoolhouse signs and inscriptions. Inscriptions on the southern façade, which are in two colours, change according to the position of the sun and the viewers’ standpoint. At each of the three entrances there is an overview of the plan of the building, providing visitors with orientation information. The signage units are made of light-coloured wood: information walls, timetables and room signs. Using templates, the school management can update the signs themselves.

Client: Gemeinde Stallikon

Art Direction/Project Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Architecture: Zangger Architektur, Zürich

Scope: prototyping, exterior and interior signage, templates

Year: 2014