Rütihof Vineyard

The Rütihof vineyard is situated in a slightly elevated position on the border of Lake Zurich, in Uerikon. The vineyard has been in existence since 1885, and is now in the fifth generation, owned by the Hasler family, producing characteristic wines. The product range includes about twenty varieties of white, rosé and red wines, a sparkling wine, spirits and a liquor. Since the change from fourth to fifth generation, LDSGN has been responsible for the visual communication and gradual, step-by-step, redesign of all corporate design, packaging and other media.
LDSGN designed the website with an e-shop. Markus Mäder’s characteristic photographs invite one on a journey to Rütihof, which showcases the countryside, weather and available activities, and finally the end product: the wine. A detailed description of the wines helps the customer find the right type. All wines can be ordered easily online.

Client: Weingut Rütihof, Uerikon

Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Concept/Words: Markus Mäder

Photography: Markus Mäder, Christophe Venetz (still life)

Coding: Andreas Feuz

Scope: Website and e-shop


Year: 2015