In 2009, the Gaydoul Group took over ‘Navyboot’ and was planning to expand internationally and enhance its’ position in the market. The brand was reviewed and adapted, and a new store concept was implemented. The ‘Flower’ logo, which was originally created for polo shirts has become part of the ‘Navyboot’ brand.
The ‘Flower’ had to be materialized and illuminated. For the ideal implementation of the logo, complex drawing-prototypes were created. Following on from this, was a general ‘labelling’ concept for the different sites and applications for Switzerland and Germany.

Agency: WBG AG

Client: Navyboot AG

Art Direction/Project Management: Thomas Lehmann

Shop Concept: Saguez & Partners, Schwitzke & Partner

Scope: 18 Shops, CH/D

Photography: © WBG AG

Year: 2009