National Museum Zurich

Founded in 1967, the Montreux Jazz Festival has become one of the most prominent music events in the world. The National Museum looked back on 50 years of festival history, celebrating the legendary Claude Nobs and filled the exhibition rooms with music and unique glimpses behind the scenes.
LDSGN was responsible for the exhibition graphics and staged the festival’s history as a series of pictures with room-high photographs, original documents and texts. The design of the user interfaces for i-pads and touchscreens was also designed by LDSGN.

Client: Landesmuseum Zürich

Curators: Thomas Bochet, Dario Donati

Scenography: Alex Harb

Artdirection Exhibition Graphic Design: Thomas Lehmann

Scope: Exhibition Graphic Design

Documentation Photography: © Swiss National Museum, Thomas Lehmann

Year: 2018