National Museum Zurich

For the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, Thomas Lehmann designed a collection catalogue. ‘The wooden sculptures of the Middle Ages’, was published in two volumes. Volume I includes single figures, Volume II altarpieces and altar figures. Each of the 346 objects is described with an article followed by references and technical specifications.
Each picture show at least a front and a rear view, as well as further detailed shots. The articles of the catalogued objects are different in their lengths. The three-column layout offers flexibility and allows different image sizes to be used, depending on the importance of the objects.

Agency: WBG AG

Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Client: Landesmuseum Zürich

Authors: Dione Flühler-Kreis and Peter Wyer

Photography: Donat Stuppan

Scope: Hardcover, vol. I: 336 pages, vol. II: 412 pages

Year: 2007