National Museum Zurich

The reason for the exhibition, ‘c’est la vie’, in the Swiss National Museum was the inclusion of the archives of the press photo agencies, ‘Press Diffusion Lausanne’ and ‘Actualité Suisse Lausanne’, into the Swiss National Museum collection. The exhibition showed a selection of significant events, fascinating moments and snapshots of time, between 1940 and 2000.
LDSGN chose, as the key visual, a photograph of the frozen Lake of Biel, from the year 1941. ‘The Frozen Lake: Fascinating Natural Phenomenon, playground of time and a symbol of transience – c’est la vie’. For the design of the media, the corporate design of the museum had to be considered.

Client: Landesmuseum Zürich

Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Scope: posters, exhibition folder, ads, e-Ads, card sets for education and mediation

Year: 2011