The FGZ Building Cooperative has its roots in Zurich, in the Friesenberg district. It builds and rents affordable homes for all generations. A main focus of the FGZ is – as the name suggests – family apartments. In the 20s and 30s of the last century, the founders of the FGZ took their inspiration from English garden cities.
LDSGN designed the annual report in accordance with the existing concept. Stefan Jäggi photographed in and around the streets and roads of the FGZ area, with the theme of ,mobility’. Together with the photographer, LDSGN selected the photographs and integrated them into the annual report.

Client: Familienheim Genossenschaft Zürich

Design concept: büroblau

Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Photography: Stefan Jaeggi, Zürich

Scope: brochure, 32 pages

Year: 2015