Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken

The convention centre includes buildings from the turn of the century, as well as buildings from 1980 and 2010, nestled in a public park. A casino is also located in the historic main building. At first, to improve the information for guests, only an electronic information system was considered. However, during planning it became clear that this system would not be able to cover all the information and guidance needs.
Together with the client, LDSGN determined the wording and structured the signage with an electronic information system for events and for marketing; a wayfinding system with signposts and the re-labelling of the entrances. Throughout, LDSGN used the house font and a reduced colour palette to unify the materialisation of the elements so as to achieve the greatest possible clarity.

Client: Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken

Art Direction/Project Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Digital Displays: Kilchenmann AG

Scope: exterior signage, lettering, screen design

Year: 2012