Building cooperative Süd-Ost

The building cooperative, Süd-Ost, was founded in 1943. Today it is a medium sized, non-profit housing association in Zurich with more than 700 properties to rent in Zurich-Affoltern, Schwamendingen, Affoltern am Albis and Hedingen. The cooperative builds and manages affordable rental housing for its members.
LDSGN designed the annual report in accordance with the existing concept, whilst enlivening the document with residents’ portraits, taken by Piero Tami.

Client: Wohnbaugenossenschaft Süd-Ost

Design concept: büroblau

Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Editorial report: Katharina Blarer

Photography: Piero Tami

Scope: Broschüre, 32 S.

Year: 2015