Bürgenstock Resort

On Bürgenstock, high above Lake Lucerne, the first Grand Hotel was opened in 1873. Around 140 years later, in the same location, a premium resort is being built, consisting of three hotels with conference rooms, three residences, a spa, a tennis court, and a golf course. The central square, close to the upper station of the Bürgenstock train station, forms the centre of the structure. The signage must meet the expectations of the different target groups: day tourists, conference guests, sophisticated hotel guests, and long-term tenants of the residences. For the employees, a separate ‘Back of the House’ signage is needed.
Working within the guidelines of the task, LDSGN and Adrienne Pearson have proposed a legible, ‘sans-serif’ font for the signage. Pictograms in a papercut style show the tourist destinations in the surrounding area. The existing colour palette of black, white and beige is complemented by bronze. Depending on its surface, this will appear as shiny-golden to earthy-dark. The metal forms a common thread that connects the heterogeneous building types. Outside, simple, illuminated boards provide the signage for both day and night, as well as in fog and snow.

Invited competition: Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG

Co-Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann and Adrienne Pearson

Scope: Competition for Exterior- and interior signage

Year: 2013