Representatives of educational institutions for hearing-impaired children and young people, and the audio educational services from the German-speaking area of Switzerland, have created short films, in collaboration with the School of Special Education Zurich. These short films will show how varied the effects of a hearing impairment can be on the educational process, and the importance of effective pedagogical support for the deaf. The short films can be used in many ways: in training sessions for teachers, in teaching establishments, for school boards, and for the general public or for an individual’s personal training.
LDSGN designed the site as an information platform. The short films are on the home page and remain the central focus of the platform. The background, with the terminology of Audio Pedagogy vocabulary, provides a visual depiction of the stages of hearing impairment. The site can be easily customized and extended. LDSGN has also developed the logo for the website and designed the stationery.

Client: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Leiter/-innen der Bildungseinrichtungen für Gehörlose und Schwerhörige der Deutschschweiz

Filme: Karin Sutter

Art Direction: Thomas Lehmann

Coding: Andreas Feuz

Scope: website with WordPress CMS

Year: 2014